Release trailer to embark on a magnificent adventure

According to foreign media reports, the first trailer for the renowned science fiction film series was unveiled on November 30th, Beijing time. The late Caesar’s son Cornelius is seen embarking on a grandiose adventure and exploring the vast universe.

The movie, which was released in North America on May 24, 2024, many years after Rise of the Apes 3, follows Monkeys as they embark on a new adventure at Mobile Labyrinth, directed by Wes Ball. Owen Tiger stars as the lead character, while Freya Allen, Pete Macon, and others also feature. Josh Friedman (), Patrick Essen () and former screenwriters Rick Jaff and Amanda Silva worked together to write the script.

Following its adaptation of Pierre Burr’s novel, the Ape Planet series grossed over 1.7 billion US dollars. The first film was a huge success in 1968, followed by four sequels and two series. Tim Burton directed the 2001 reboot of “Battle of the Apes”, with most of this being the pre film “Rise of Adequate” trilogy that began in 2011.

(Meng Qing)

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