Poster released: Monster vs. Warfare Upgrade

The first poster for “Godzilla vs. King Kong 2” was revealed by foreign media on November 30th, according to reports from Beijing time. It features an upgraded monster battle and the title “Surrender to Your New King”, and will be released in North America on April 12th next year.

Dan Stevens stars as the human protagonist of “Godzilla: The Rise of the Empire”, with former cast members Rebecca Hall, Brian Terry Henry, and Kelly Hotel returning to star alongside Alex Finns, Rachel House, Chen Fala, among others.

The latest sequel is set to be released in North America on March 15, 2024, with Adam Wingard, the former director, returning as director and Terry Rusio, a former screenwriter, writing the script alongside Jeremy Slater (“Moonlight Knight”) and Simon Barrett (“Deadly Video”).

“Monster Universe,” the fourth installment, is set to be released in 2021 and features Alexander Skasgard, Millie Poppy Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Terry Henry, Kelly Hottel, Kuri Kobayashi, Elsa Gonzalez, Julian Dennison, Kyle Chandler, and Demian Beecher as its lead actors.

It recounts the events that took place five years after Godzilla’s defeat of King Kedora. King Kong, despite being one of those Titan giants who lived on Skull Island, has been living there for over fifty years and has even been housed in a biological dome set up by the monarch himself due to climate change. Prior to this, all the indigenous Ivy people had died, and only Giya, his sole companion, was unable to speak sign language.

Top corporate CEO Walter Simmons is eager to find the core energy that exists only in the hollow home of the Titans on Earth as his technological source. Consequently, he traveled with his technician Qin Zelian to visit former geologist Nathan Lind, who has been studying the Earth’s hollow for many years. Nathan initially hesitated to participate due to his brothers’ lack of strength and being unable to endure the anti gravity effect when attempting to enter the center of earth several years ago, but later learned that Toppole had developed a new energy system at this point which was suitable for him too scumpe

To avoid being detected by Godzilla again, a helicopter team took King Kong to the entrance of the passage leading to center of earth. Giya convinced him to lead the group aboard the Schiff spacecraft into center-of-the- earth; Mattison and Josh then told Bernie to infiltrate the top factory that Godzellevilvile attacked when they first noticed the equipment had been removed from the freight maglev train which was unintentionally dropped onto the cargo train and the three of them arrived at headquarters via trampolinomasculatums.

In the inner earth home, everyone experienced many wonders akin to Skull Island, and finally entered the palace built by King Kong’s forefather. He was given an battle axe at the edge of his ancestral throne, while people around him learned about the long-standing feud between the King kong and Godzilla clans from the bones and signs that were present. The Maya team immediately sent energy signals to Simmons to imitate the artificial sample after obtaining the geocentric energy sample on site. This caused Godculculation manipullation ball

Upon being discovered by headquarters security guards, Matisson and his three companions recklessly injected geocentric energy into the mechanical Godzilla’s body, which consumed all of Kidora’S skull. The mechanical godzilla then killed Simmons at the spot, electrocuted Qin Zelian in the driver’ seat, and stormed out of headquarters to destroy Hong Kong with missiles until it attacked again.

Despite the mechanical Godzilla being destroyed, Madison and Josh joined Bernie to flee into the crowds of Hong Kong where they were welcomed back by his father Mark. Everyone saw God-daughter action once more as King Kong took it upon himself to relinquish control of the kingdom and acknowledge each other with a kiss on the lips before departing after ten years. Eileen, Giya, and Nathan then spent some time in the monarch’s watchful presence in their home country.

(Meng Qing)

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