No BTS = Low viewership? K-netizens take note of the significant drop in YouTube viewership for the ‘2023 MAMA Awards’

The award show’s journey continues as the ‘2023 MAMA Awards’ concluded its two-day extravaganza at KST, the legendary Tokyo Dome in Japan, on November 28 and 29, marking another milestone in the award presentation history.

Despite being broadcasted live on multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube, the 2023 MAMA Awards managed to attract viewers worldwide. While widely distributed, it experienced a notable drop in global viewership among Korean netizens compared to previous years.

A netizen posted a screenshot of the YouTube stream to reveal that it had not been watched by more than 40,000 live viewers.

During the discussion, netizens from Korea expressed their views on why the 2023 MAMA Awards received so little attention. Some suggested that the lack of artist lineups was responsible for the low viewership.

The internet was filled with opinions from people who didn’t watch MAMA, remarked that the absence of BTS members would have resulted in a viewership of at least 1 million, and the presence of third-generation idols could have increased the viewer count.

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