NewJeans’ star Haerin captivates in stunning ‘Vogue Hong Kong’ Photoshoot

NewJeans is a leading brand in both the fashion and music industries. Their talented members have quickly made their mark on the K-pop world, producing several chart-topping hits right from the start. Meanwhile, Haerin has gained immense popularity among fans and locals with her latest pictorial for Vogue Hong Kong in December 2023. Her latest work was incredibly impressive, featuring stunning visuals of the young idol.

(@idolissue) posted this tweet.

Haerin’s photos showcase her impressive and effortless elegance in DIOR clothing, which she effortlessly wears with ease.

When questioned about her favorite moment with NewJeans members, Harein replied, “I love every moment of it! We have a great time together and our positive energy flows.” You can read the entire interview here.

K-netizens were captivated by Haerin’s visuals, with comments like “She’ll be so beautiful,” “These photos are so crazy,” and “This kitten is perfect.” Others commented on her cuteness and charm.

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