Netizens praise Loossemble’s HyunJin for her bold endorsement of feminist books despite the negative connotations of ‘feminism’ in Korea

Due to fierce competition between online community members with both male and female users, the meaning of the term “feminism” has been significantly distorted in South Korea in recent years.

The concept of “feminism” has been equated with the term “misandry” by several popular and widely-visited male online communities, which express negative feelings towards men.

The topic of “feminism” is considered a sensitive issue in K-Pop culture, with the possibility of sparking heated debates among fans and anti-fan sentiments. While most K-12 celebrities tend to remain neutral on issues related to politics and society, there are some who would rather express their opinions and ideas than follow established norms or practices.

Netizens have recently pointed out that HyunJin, a member of Loossemble, is an idol. While using SMb and messaging fans on private messaging, she shared ‘a photo’ with several books by their jackets: Fans speculated that the photos were sent because they had highly Sensitive People by Ilse Sand (the books in the center) which probably reminded her of “Loosse M”‘s 1st mini album title, “SensItive”. However, it wasn’t specific as the music industry; this singer/rapture

Some male users of mostly-male-user online communities have reportedly been stirred up by HyunJin’s photo, while other netizens are also applauding the K-Pop idol for her outgoing personality.

It was rumored that,

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