Kwon Eun Bi “friend-zones” Dex on ‘Radio Star’

During the MBC Entertainment talk show ‘Radio Star,’ Kwon Eun Bid addressed Dex and put him in the friend zone.

“The fact that you and Dex have such a great chemistry was highlighted in the dating rumor mill.”

Kwon Eun Bi and Kim Gu Ra are best friends, but how do you perceive each other outside of the broadcasting world?

She brought up the moment she appeared on ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ with Dex. Kwon Eun Bi revealed that her ex-partner made advances towards her while filming, but they always seemed to flirt inappropriately, as per his statement.

Kwon Eun Bi was asked by the MCs about her ideal type, and she responded with “I prefer cute style guys. People who are like tofus.” When requested to choose a person, Song Joong Ki was the one they chose for herself.

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