INFINITE’s Woohyun says he wants to give courage to his listeners with his new album ‘WHITREE’

In light of the release of ‘WHITREE,’ Woohyun from INFINITE recently gave an interview about the message he hopes to convey with his new album.

He began by stating, “Last year I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and had to change companies. I thought that it might be time to quit everything and take ‘a break.'” However, as my health improved over the years, I have since returned to performing with enthusiasm and grace, and I now want to share this experience with others so they can feel good about me.

The love song “Baby Baby” has a City Pop-style melody that is reminiscent of euphoria and warm winter feelings. Woohyun wrote the lyrics himself and contributed to writing and editing all five songs, while also arranging the tracklist accordingly. In particular, the 10th song, “Paradise,” was placed at the end because he wanted his fans to sing along with him during concerts.

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