Disney’s new film schedule changesMarvel postpones release

Disney made public a number of changes to its film lineup on November 30th, according to foreign media reports in Beijing time:

The release date for Disney’s “The Lion King: Mufasa” sequel in North America has been pushed back to December 20, instead of July 5, 2024.

“Moonlight Boy” is being helmed by Barry Jenkins in the film’s production, and Aaron Pierre (“Subway”) is the lead voice actor.

The film will feature the stories of several iconic characters in the series, such as the origin of Old Lion King Mufasa, and will retain the realistic animation effects of Jon Ferru’s debut. It was helmed by Jeff Nathanson, with music provided by Hans Zimmer, Farrell Williams, Nicholas Brittle (Moonlight Boy, Burst Drummer, Big Bull).

“Deadpool 3,” the third installment of Marvel’s upcoming film, has been postponed until July 26, 2024 in North America.

A Hollywood strike in April of last year forced the withdrawal of this film, which was being filmed on May 3rd. Now it has a slightly delayed schedule with another twist.

“Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds is adorable and cheap, while “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman shares space. Emma Colin and Matthew McFadden also feature in the film.

The release date for Marvel’s new movie Captain America 4 in North America has been pushed back from July 26th to February 16th, 2025.

“Captain America: Brave New World” has been completed, featuring Anthony McKay as “American Team” Sam Wilson, Harrison Ford as General Ross, Liv Taylor as Betty Ross after the end credits for “Invincible Hulk”, Carl Lupoli, Danny Ramirez, Tim Blake Nielsen, Sylvia Haas, Julius Jonah (“Clover Paradox”), and more.

The release date for Marvel’s new Blade Warrior in North America has been pushed back to February 15, 2025, and will now be released on November 7 of the same year.

Blade Warrior, starring Mahshara Ali, Mia Gauss, Del Roy Lindo, and Aaron Pierre. The film was rewritten by Michael Green () and is an R-rated movie that was previously uncommon in the Marvel film universe, similar to Deadpool 3.

Wesley Snaps starred in three Blade Warrior films produced by David S. Goyer between 1998 and 2004.

The manga features Eric Brooks, who is a half-human vampire and hunter who wants to kill his mother for revenge. The vampire killed his own mother when he was born, but the real-life killer is an exceptional martial arts practitioner and skilled in weapons and ammunition.

Having been born with half-vampire blood from his mother’s birth, Eric Brooks became one after being impregnated with the blood of a vampire. However, he always believed that embracing human nature was preferable to fighting against all forms of evil. Huist has been adopted by vampire hunter Huistic, who specializes in creating new weapons and rescuing humans who are about to be killed and eaten. With his silver winged motorcycle, wielding arrow-like handles, gripping towards the endmating towards young children as attempting to compromise upon innocent and

The Blade Warrior emerged as the most daring warrior in the annals of the future, and Foster, the leader of vampires, was determined to bring about change. He used his weaknesses to launch a deadly attack on him, which was motivated by both her blood thirst and humanity’s desire for survival. Lotus later invited all Blade Warriors to join their combat teams, promising that they would be stronger together and that their fighting would result in no one being able to break through.

Marvel’s new film “Thunder Agents” has been rescheduled for release in North America from July 26, 2024 to December 20, 20 24 to July 25, 2025 (latest).

The Thunder Special Forces, which includes White Wolf/Former Winter Soldier, Second Generation Black Widow, Red Guardian, Imitation Master, Ghost, Val, and American agents, is akin to DC’s team. Its story centers on bringing together former antagonists to work together on behalf of the government.

The cast has been composed of Florence Pew, Sebastian Stan, David Hubble, Wyatt Russell, Hannah Jon Carmen, Eugene Correianko, Julia Luis Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, Ayu Advili, Steven Won, and others. Jack Schleier () was the director, while Eric Pearson (?) wrote the screenplay.

Marvel Comics has a fictional anti hero organization called The Thunder Agents, which was co-created by Kurt Bussack and Mark Bagley. Their first appearance was in Invincible Hulk at Vol. 2 # 449 (January 1997).

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