Box Office Slows; Disney’s Centennial Gift Has Poor Response

According to foreign media reports, Disney’s “Starry Wish” made $31.7 million during its first week in North America on November 30th, including the Thanksgiving holiday. This was a disappointing performance and did not win the overall box office championship that most other Disney animated films usually have at this location. It came in third place behind “Hungry Game: Songbird and Snake” and “Napoleon.”

The cost of producing Star Wish, as reported by the media, is between $175-200 million.

It is the 62nd animated feature to be produced by Disney in honor of its centennial and was directed by Chris Buck (Frozen) and Fern Villasantorn (Dragon Quest). The film was released in North America on November 22. Ariana Debos starred as Asha, while Alan Tudek portrayed Valentino in pajamas. Chris Pine contributed to the voice acting for the King of Manifico.

It tells the story of Asha and her pet goat in a dreamy land outside the Iberian Peninsula, where people come to make wishes to king Manifico, who promises to fulfill their deepest desires one day.

(Meng Qing)

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