Announces the New Series of World War II Trilogy

Apple’s “Air Battle Heroes” war themed drama has aired its first trailer on November 30th, Beijing time, and the “World War II Trilogy” military drama series, which includes “Brotherhood” and “Pacific War,” has finally resumed.

In the story, Austin Butler, Kareem Turner, Anthony Bowie, Nate Mann, Ralph Law, Barry Keane, and others battle a group of German fighter pilots in bombers called “fortresses” in the air during World War II. The protagonists are part of the American Eighth Air Force.

Spielberg and Tom Hanks worked together on the production of a movie based on Donald L.’s book, The Masters of the Air: America’S Bomber Boys Who Fought the Nazi Germany War, with the script by John Oroff and Graham Yost being used as writers.

On January 26th of next year, the drama will be aired for nine episodes, with one episode per week.

(Meng Qing)

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