8 Heartwarming Quotes by BTS’ Park Jimin to make you smile

Always full of warmth and love, Jimin’s words spread happiness and comfort. The BTS singer can always be found leaving sweet messages urging people to take care of themselves. When feeling down, his words can bring solace.

These beautiful and warm quotes by Jimin can provide you with a reason to smile.

The phrase “love Yourself” was thought to have a special meaning for those who are harsh with themselves.

When you experience an increase in your heart size, it indicates that you have let go of many things and released the negative ones.

It seems like we are only moving forward without rest. I wish we could take some time to unwind and make fun of ourselves.

“It’s fine if you start right away, feel good, and pursue all your aspirations.”

“I want you to keep pushing forward. There’s someone in Seoul who can empathize with you.”

If you’re feeling lonely countless times each day, don’t let it stop. Your role as the light of your life is important to me.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be with you and experience this journey together. I don’t think my current situation would have been possible without each other.”

“If you’re going through a tough time, think of me first and wish for your happiness during that time.”

What is Jimin’s favorite quote that made you feel happy or comforted?

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