Weishen V is embarking on a formal 2-part event, showcase tour concludes

To mark the conclusion of SHOWCASE tour, WayV (a subsidiary of LABEL V) has released two official releases.

The Wuhan Iron and Steel Sports Center Gymnasium was the site of the formal 2-part release of “2023 WayV SHOWCASE TOUR [On My Youth]” on November 17th, marking the final stop of its tour.

During the public performance, Weishen V showcased not only the official lead songs from the two series but also included performances by WINWINwin (Dong Sicheng), HENDERY (Huang Guanheng), and KUN (Qian Kun) and TEN (Li Yongqin) Xiao Dejun.

After the SHOWCASE tour, Wei Shen V expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome provided by our fans in all cities, which allowed him to finish the show with happiness. He credited the fans for their support and stated that he will meet everyone regularly through various activities.

From 1st November in Shanghai, Weishen V kicked off the SHOWCASE tour with performances in six cities across the country: Chengdu from May 5; Beijing from 8; Guangzhou from 12; Suzhou (from 14); and Wuhan (17).

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