Style Icons: Fourth-generation Male Fashionistas

The fourth generation has embraced a new breed of talent that goes beyond just music. These multifaceted idols are not limited to classical music, but rather fashion and technology.

What are some examples of fourth-generation male K-pop idols who have become fashion icons and influenced the industry?


Yeonjun, the energetic member of TXT, is known as the fourth IT boy in Korea, but his influence extends beyond music and fashion. He effortlessly navigates the fashion industry while also embracing unconventional elements.

Choi Hyunsuk,.

The head hoof of TREASURE, Choi Hyunsuk, is undoubtedly the fourth generation of fashion-savvy individuals. His wardrobe boasts an array of accessories and luxury clothing from top designers.


With his bold fashion choices and innovative ideas, Hongjoong, the leader of ATEEZ, has gained attention from both inside and outside sources.


With his effortless and stylish style, Hyunjin of Stray Kids has become a fashion icon. His effortlessly chic outfits complement his relaxed lifestyle; his fans look for the perfect balance between classiness and high fashion.


Jay from Enhypen has earned the title of a fourth-generation fashion enthusiast, with his impeccable taste in style and impressive fashion sense. He was featured in two videos called ‘JAY-FASHION’ and ‘JAY’S Fashion Guide’ on ENHYPEN’s official YouTube channel.


Choi Chan-hee, also known as New, is a multifaceted artist and renowned member of THE BOYZ. He excels in both music and fashion, effortlessly transporting himself to the forefront. His appearance attracts admirers for his stylish style that leaves no one on their radar.

The fourth generation of male K-pop idols are making waves in the fashion industry. Who is your preferred icon?

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