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Cao Baoping directs with the participation of Huang Bo, Zhou Xun, Zhang Youhao, and Zhuha still in the film.

The activity that occurs:

This Friday, November 24th.

The registration period is between 12:10 and 13:10.

The duration of the screening is from 13:10-15:34.

The time gap between the screening and 15:34-15:54.

The event is being screened at the cinema.

The Emperor Film City of Beijing is located there.

Rules of participation:

Don’t miss out on the Movie Group updates by following their feed.

The group’s Weibo activity, which involves watching films and moving forward, is the topic of discussion.

To complete the registration process, click on the [+Participate in Activity] button that appears below the link.

Introductory video:

The title is “The Sea of Anger Is Passed by the Angry Menace.”

The director is Cao Baoping.

Cao Baoping, Wu Pipi, and Jiao Huajing were all screenwriters.

The cast includes Huang Bo, Zhou Xun, Zu Feng, Zhang Youhao, and Zhong Huan.

Type: Storyline, Mystery, Inquiry.

The Chinese Mainland is the producer’s home/region.

Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and German are among the languages spoken in these regions.

The date for the release on November 25, 2023 in the Chinese mainland is set.

The duration of the exercise is 144 minutes.

The name given to this event is: Across the Furious Sea.

In the story, Lao Jin (played by Huang Bo) is caught fishing for his daughter Jin Lina to study abroad. However, when she was discovered dead with 17 knives, Li Miaomiao (portrayed by Zhang Youhao) becomes their biggest suspect in exchange for her son’s life savings across the sea.

Kindly keep in mind that:

The event’s on-site staff will capture photos of check-in, viewing, group photos, interviews, and other activities. The photo materials will be used exclusively for promotional purposes. Upon registration, the viewing group has full photo usage rights throughout the event.

Review of the movie:

Before 23:59 on November 25th, the winning participants must visit the thereview page to rate the film and submit an original review of 140 words or less. The contestants are encouraged to use the long review function to submit their reviews.

The format for expressing your thoughts is:

Moving on from the Angry Haikou Stele # to the origins. (Serious feedback submission is highly valued, which can result in future viewing. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Those who do not submit on time or plagiarize will be blacklisted. Please enjoy your viewing experience.)

Information about the cinema:

The Emperor Group Center, B1/F, is situated at 12 Jianwai Street in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Prompt ticket request?

A unique ticket will be given to each winner. Those who win will receive a private WeChat notification from the official @ viewing group on November 23rd. Please be aware that your prize is invalidate if you fail to respond within the designated time limit.

It is not acceptable to shoot a movie on the big screen. Respect film art, copyright, and avoid being involved in any artistic or technical malfunctions while watching films.

In relation to transgressions:

To facilitate the registration of more netizens, it is recommended that you avoid using multiple Weibo accounts as your account will be blocked if found.

Those who have confirmed their participation in a private message and request leave again will lose their chance to win the next month.

If winners are absent without justification, they will not be able to continue winning for the next three months.

If a review is found to be invalid and not submitted within the specified timeframe, or if it is suspected of plagiarism and patchwork, then it will be blacklisted permanently for 3 months.

Failure to obtain permission for a member to transfer, replace, or resold their prize will result in permanent removal from the competition. Any unapproved replacement or transfer members will be barred from entering the venue.

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