Netizens react to Jungkook’s military enlistment news

Big Hit Music announced on November 22 that RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook from BTS would be starting their mandatory military service.

After addressing the difficulties of his fans, Jungkook wrote a letter on Twitter to let them know about his selection for the next recruitment campaign. His words are infused with emotions as he looks ahead in his new life.

Jungkook’s letter to the fans is presented below:

“The ARMYs I hold dear, to be precise.”

The chill breezes in the final days of November bring back memories of changing seasons. I wanted to write you a letter as well, as many of you may already know.

My new beginnings in December will be marked by a change in my life as I’m taking up the battalion and fulfilling my military duties. Although I am sorry for any of you who are feeling this way, we all have been deeply connected through our time with ARMY. We have spent so much fun together, and it is truly amazing to have had such wonderful people.

I hesitate to ask you to wait for me during my service, as it feels like forever. It’s selfish of me to say that and then go on stage with a smile, stronger, and more mature.

When I’m not there, my heartfelt desire is for ARMYs to be filled with joy, health, and beauty. I look forward to the day when we can finally meet again and share new experiences. Stay healthy and take care.

My love is unwavering.

Netizens were taken aback by this letter and commented:

“No matter how long it takes, I’ll be here to help you. Come back healthy and safe.” “Love you, Jungkook.” Don’t forget to say “I love you.”

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