Netizens playfully recall Crush’s ‘K-Pup’ rookie DoYou’s past ‘attitude controversy’

Is the ‘K-Pup’ DoYou known for being controversial in his/her interactions?

An internet sensation was unexpectedly introduced as netizens jokingly revived a supposed “attitude controversy” on an online forum.

DoYou, the dog that Crush has adopted as part of her singing “Ego,” was the center of attention in this ‘controversy’ and her fancam has now amassed over 140,000 views on YouTube.

A GIF that humorously ‘raped eyebrows’ was posted by the person who made this discovery among other netizens on the forum.

DoYou’s appearance on EBS’ ‘There is No Such Thing as a Bad Dog’ in 2017 was marked by history, and he received training from specialist Kang Hyung Wook to address his behavioral issues.

GIF Alert:.

A cheeky remark was made by the original poster on the forum, saying, “It’s been reported that DoYou apologized with a ‘woof’, but some people are not so sure. Judging is subjective.”

Netizens responded with a humorous anecdotes, parodying the common experience of celebrity ‘attitude controversies.’

“The fact that they uncovered his ‘past’ just as he was becoming famous is excessive…”

“Who says this is premeditated? His words are a true representation of the truth.”

still love him. He’s just got that cool guy vibe, eh?’ I can’t decide for sure, but it’ll be one video and he gets on with his ‘group’mates.

“Are we capable of drawing up conclusions solely based on one face?” He’s even flaunting his aegyo, and he faced criticism on DogQoo.

“After apologizing with just a ‘woof,’ Pardoned by all his fans. Shame on him but should of also showered his belly?”

“He is charming, and I am willing to forgive him”

“The efficacy of image management… take a look at the comments on this post to see how many fans are backing him up.”

“It’s time to move on from the group”

Are we going to see a truck protest?”

The netizens’ amusing comment play is reminiscent of Yeontan, the pet dog from BTS V, who became the first celebrity pet to have an official fancam for a live performance.

Are there any other famous pets that you would like to see in a stage performance?

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