Netizens discuss these unique privileges for BLACKPINK’s Rose receiving MBE as a New Zealand citizen

In regards to the privileges of being an MBE Member, what are the specifics that rose from BLACKPINK as a citizen of South Korea and New Zealand? Netizens debated on this topic during an online discussion about Rose’s exclusive privilege due to her dual citizenship in both New York and Melbourne. With President Obama taking on the role of Prime Minister at the end of last year, Rose can use the post-nominal MBER title, which means she can be called “Roseanne Park Mbe.”

Furthermore, she has the chance to be knighted and wed at St. Paul’s Cathedral, along with any future offspring she may have. Rose received high praise from Korean internet viewers for her substantial status, comparing her to genuine monarchs and recalling the use of the term “queen” by BLACKPINK members. They were particularly interested in her potential wedding at the site where Prince Charles (King Charles III) and Princess Diana got married.

Reactions comprise:

“The fact that she can have her wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral is a representation of what life is like in the flesh.”

“It’s possible that she holds dual citizenship and is the first Korean to receive an MBE. Her parents are proving right.”

“Rose’s wedding at St. Paul’ s Cathedral is unprecedented for an Asian celebrity, as she can now concentrate on her solo performances and music. She looked stunning yesterday”

“Rose’s life is truly remarkable”

“It would have been nice if YG had officially announced this news.”

“My thoughts are shattered when Rose’s father says, “He had a vision for her…he came over here and told her she should start singing…so amazing”!”

“In my opinion, she’s one of the rare celebrities who’ve attained such heights of notoriety and affluence simultaneously.”

What is your perspective?

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