Male K-pop Idols who became successful soloists after Leaving Their Groups

Changing from an idol group to a solo artist in ten years is no easy feat. While group performances can provide stepping-stones for artists, male idols have often excelled on their own merits.

Can you provide a list of five notable K-pop idols who broke away from their bands and became successful as solo performers?


B.I, the ex-leader of iKON, has successfully launched a successful solo career after leaving the band. His impressive track list includes “illa illana” and “BTBT,” which have garnered him millions of streams in music videos across the globe.


Following the breakup of the successful project boy band Wanna One, Kang Daniel began a solo career that quickly became renowned. “Color on Me” was his first official solo album, reaching number one, and he continued to excel with subsequent releases like “TOUCHIN’’'” and “PARANOIA.”

What is DAWN?

In 2019, DAWN, previously known as E’Dawn, began his impressive solo career with the digital single “Money.” He was previously a member of PENTAGON and Triple H, both of which were male bands. His solo performances showcased his talents as singer-songwriter, producer, and performer.


Following his departure from MONSTA X, Wonho went solo. Despite facing numerous controversies, he displayed perseverance and determination. He made a comeback in 2020 with his debut album, “Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me.”


Since leaving 2PM, the late rapper Jay Park has seen a surge in popularity as he pursues new music and achieves success by blending hip-hop, R&B, and pop sounds. His album “New Breed” was acclaimed by critics and fans alike, selling 99 million copies at the time of its release in 2012, making it the first solo album to do so that year.

Despite the difficulty of transitioning from being part of a group to forming an artist as eminent soloist, these male icons have navigated the journey with grace and skill.

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