Jimin’s fans fill Gimpo Airport with his merch & banners to see him off for his overseas schedule

Following his departure from South Korea on Nov 23 for an overseas schedule in Japan, Jimin was greeted by fans who stopped by Gimpo airport to bid farewell and wish him a good flight.

The airport crowd was notably large and emotional, possibly due to Hybe’s announcement that the other 4 BTS members had just started their military enlistment process. As a result, fans felt this could be his final chance to see him off before he leaves for several months, and they did not hesitate to show Jimin their love and affection for him.

In addition to arriving at the airport early, they brought banners with Jimin’s face and heartwarming messages, official merchandise such as ‘Chimmy’ and a hoodie made by Jimo himself, along with light sticks and other items.

It appears that Jimin was aware of all the admirable actions his fans were taking, acknowledging the banners and merch around him. In fact, some fans even commented that he got emotional while being in the love!

Fans were engrossed with his fashion sense, impeccable manners, stunning photography, and more as he walked through the airport. His name was shouted out loud to everyone who heard him declare, “King!”

The Korean media outlets at the airport were similarly impacted; they showcased news about his appearance, with headlines extolling everything about him, including his eyes, aura, visuals, mannerisms and fashion choices.

The ‘HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT JIMIN’ trend reached #8 globally during his trip, and fans on X sent him well-wishes.

South Korea’s IT boy, Jimin, will always be admired for a specific reason.

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