Fans wonder if this YouTuber with 5.15 million subscribers will join the new SM girl group

Is there a chance that this YouTuber, who has 5.15 million subscribers, will be among the members of SM’s latest girl group?

As previously reported, the release of new images of SM Entertainment’s female trainees has ignited excitement among netizens for their upcoming girl group debut. One of the traineeships being discussed is Na Ha Eun, who has amassed over 5.15 million subscribers on her YouTube channel ‘Awesome Haeun’.

The post featured pictures of the young dancer born in 2009, who has been receiving attention for her rapidly developing appearance. While some viewers are optimistic that she will join SM’s soon-to-be-formed girl group since her contract in April 2022, others are questioning whether she is still too young to join.

Netizens’ reactions include:

“It’s my apprehension that she’ll make her debut.”

“Is it possible that I am not part of the following group?

She looks grown up, but she’s still a ’09 baby T__.

“Why is Chiquita from BABYMONSTER considered ’09?”

“Chiquita is a 2009 addition to the idol world, and there are others in that age group.”

“Krystal and Sulli were both in their early years when they first appeared under SM.”

“She’s extremely skilled.”

She said: ‘It was like yesterday when I saw her dancing at the Melon Music Awards.

“She’s already in my crosshairs.”

What is your perspective?

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