EXCLUSIVE [INTERVIEW] BANG YEDAM on his solo debut with ‘ONLY ONE,’ working on music, artistic journey, and hopes for a concert

BANG YEDAM, the multi-talented artist from the boy band TREASURE, who made his debut on K-pop radio in 2020, is now exploring new music outlets as a solo artist and singer-songwriter. He recently debuted with the mini-album ‘ONLY ONE’ under GF Entertainment, which included the title track “Miss You” and pre-released piano ballad Love It or Nothing.

It was no surprise that YEDAM contributed to the creation of six songs in ‘ONLY ONE’, where he also played both vocals and written music.

YEDAM expressed that the pressure and burden of performing alone has added to his comfort zone.

In anticipation of his long-awaited solo release, BANG YEDAM spoke with allkpop about his debut album, his artistic vision, and the process of creating it. Keep reading for more details!

Allkpop expresses their gratitude through a video from BANG YEDAM.

Firstly, on that note, welcome to allkpop! Can you explain why you feel this mini-album, ‘ONLY ONE’, is the perfect platform for you to bring back BANG YEDAM to the K-Pop community once more?

Intended: As a solo artist, this album is of great significance to me as it’s the first one I’ll be introducing to the public. I made efforts to create an album that my fans and the general public would enjoy immensely. Additionally, all six tracks in the album are like title songs, and I view them individually.

Can you share your experience of introducing BANG YEDAM’s solo music to the world? Do you feel any nervous about releasing their music solo? What was the most significant change you had to make?

I’m excited about being a solo artist and anticipating the release of my album and promotional opportunities. However, there is some pressure and stress due to having to perform alone.

Can you provide some examples?

While I don’t need to be the sole writer or producer for my songs, there are other areas where I can have confidence in my abilities.

What insights would you like to gain from the songs in allkpop?

The album’s purpose was to reveal the identity of BANG YEDAM, including the music I create and the preparation process I go through. I want to make this album as personal and meaningful because it’ll help people understand who they are when they first meet him.

Where did you draw the idea for the album as a whole, allkpop?

YEDAM: I don’t know where or when I got my inspiration from. Every time I get an idea or epiphany, I write it down so I can look back on that in time.

As an allkpop artist, do you have any plans to showcase your unique musical style in the coming years, or will you instead explore other genres?

While YEDAM has aspirations of exploring diverse music styles, he believes that by doing so, his ultimate goal is to express a particular genre through my personal ideas and thoughts, which will help keep the music fresh and exciting for listeners.

Despite being aware of allkpop, what kind of music would you like to experiment with?

YEDAM: I am interested in exploring other genres, such as rock, hip-hop, or any other.

Can you describe the process of preparing for your first album in allkpop, including the studio work, song recording, and music video?

From start to finish, everything went smoothly, including the songwriting and recording process as well as the music video. The company took care of my opinions and feedback, and provided me with adequate guidance when necessary. By combining all these factors, the production process was smooth overall.

Describe the level of effort you put into preparing for this album, and how did you manage to overcome any obstacles.

There wasn’t a significant obstacle for Yadam, but the fact that he had to make many decisions meant that his thoughts were involved. He sought help from others and was successful in doing so.

Did working on this allkpop album change your perspective as a musician?

YEDAM realized that even though he is the artist, there are many individuals working in different departments who have contributed to the album’s creation.

During your early years of inactivity in allkpop, what led you to realize that music was the right path for you after trying out various songs and shows?

YEDAM: I remember going to a survival show and being aware of my talent. I have been recording music since I was young, but the inspiration for me comes from my parents. That’s when I realized I wanted to be able to do what I love about music professionally in the future.

As you build your reputation in the music industry, what advice would you give to your former self on how it has helped you achieve success?

YEDAM: I believe that my past self has a lot of wisdom to teach me. Therefore, I would like to engage in solitary conversations with him and seek out answers through questioning. That’s what I want to do.

As someone who grew up in a musically inclined household, what is the most significant piece of advice you’ve received from family or colleagues that has stuck with you throughout your career?

My parents gave me advice to create and sing songs that can affect other people’s emotions. This is not a personal style, and some artists advised me to incorporate my feelings and intuition into my music.

How do you approach your studio work as a songwriter and producer? While some artists may use pennies to write lyrics and eventually compose their own songs, how do they differ in terms of writing style? Do you prefer spontaneous compositions or working from the raw?

I have a tendency to be spontaneous when it comes to working on music. This is evident from my ability to write down ideas and put them in the memo, but once they’re done, I still feel like I need to work on them more often.

Allkpop, do you have any plans to release your unreleased songs? Is it likely that they will be included in future albums?

Yes, I have included an unreleased song on this album that some of my fans may already be aware of. I plan to add more of them in the future, but I want to make sure they are up to par and improve upon the original ones.

Is it possible for your fanbase to maintain their current name, or will they be renamed “Blackswans”?

I’m considering naming my fans something that would be cool and reflect my new self. Although Blackswans may have been a good idea, there are other names that could be more fitting.

Can you describe the differences between the typical persona of BANG YEDAM’s music production, vocal performances, and overall personality?

Yang YEDAM believes that there is little distinction between the producer, singer, and human being, with perhaps some differences in their sensitivity or acuteness. However, they do not differ significantly from each other.

As per the interview with allkpop, is it important for you to live your life without any regrets? If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?

While there may be slight regrets, Adam prefers to concentrate on the present and future. He suggests that if someone were to ask for a change from the past, he would simply let it go and move on.

What artists from the K-Pop scene would you like to collaborate with in the future, whether it’s for a song release or an exclusive stage collaboration?

There are too many options available to me, but I think collaborating with anyone who has a similar musical style would be fun. This could include Asian artists like myself and I’m open to working with pop singers.

As the year draws to a close in 2023, what are your aspirations for yourself and your musical career?

YEDAM: I’m determined to finish the promotion of my debut album, ‘ONLY ONE’, this year. The album process was enjoyable and I feel like it’s perfect for me. Next year, I plan to release another album as soon as possible after that. And if I have enough songs, then I hope to perform at a concert later on in the future.

Tell us about your favorite track from your album, a TMI, and your last message to all those who read this interview.

The title song, second track, and third track are my top picks from all the albums on this album. I cannot decide which one of them is my favorite because I personally love every single one in it without any hesitation or hesitation to name just one.

A TMI contains a song that was composed 3 years ago. When I began working on the album, I had an experience where I could hear my old voice and feel its change over time.

The artist BANG YEDAM has been outstanding so far. I’m truly grateful for your patience as I wait for my solo debut. Additionally, I hope this new chapter in my journey brings me more opportunities to connect with you and continue creating great music for you all. Thank you!





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