aespa’s Karina is addicted to dating shows and dreams of a celebrity edition of ‘Transit Love’?

Are Aespa members interested in receiving a celebrity rendition of ‘Transit Love’?

During an interview on YouTube’s ‘MMTG’, MC JaeJae and AESP chatted about their current pursuits. Karina revealed that she has a fondness for watching dating shows more than any other.

JaeJae was asked by Karina if she shared her love for I Am SOLO during their conversation, and the singer responded with enthusiasm, acknowledging that she has been considering producing a version of the show with celebrities, which she playfully calls ‘I Am. Celebrity SOL’.

JaeJae reflected on her idea by asking, “Do you think there are not enough famous people in appropriate age groups who are looking for true love?”

Karina echoed the sentiment that “What if there was a celebrity version of ‘Transit Love’ among the Aespa members?”

During a light-hearted exchange, Karina revealed her addiction to short-form media. She playfully commented that “TikTok is like my ultimate dopamine.”

On internet forums, netizens were amused by the joke, with some laughing at the idea while others pondering the possibility of a celebrity-generated version.

Reactions comprise:

“I’m thinking Karina could be a part of the show, lol” “Please stop her from going on LOLOL!”

“A celebrity version of such a show would cause the entire country to explode in popularity, as I believe it would turn people into addicted to dopamine.”

Please refrain from mentioning other idol groups in this forum.

What is your perspective?

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