VERIVERY’s Kangmin ventures into acting with debut role

The boy group VERIVERY is casting Kangmin into the acting role of Joo Seon Jae in an upcoming web drama called ‘Just Lift a Finger’, according to Jellyfish Entertainment’s announcement on November 22 KST.

The story of ‘Just Lift a Finger’ is about young people struggling to find love in Korea Arts High School, where the search for success comes with fame and rejection marks one as an outsider.

Joo Seon Jae, a student at Hanyang Arts High School, is an exceptional artist who excels in applied music and composition, as evidenced by Kangmin’s character.

In 2019, Kangmin joined VERIVERY as part of the boy band and dropped their seventh mini album, ‘Liminality – EP.DREAM,’ in May. He now has his first chance to venture into acting.

In December, ‘Just Lift a Finger’ will be unveiled on YouTube’s ‘KokTV’ channel, providing viewers with realism at the very heart of what these Han Arts High School students are all about.

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