Stray Kids celebrate fourth No. 1 ranking on Billboard 200

Stray Kids has achieved an impressive fourth position on the US Billboard main album chart, ‘Billboard 200,’ and they are acknowledging their loyal fans and setting new records.

JYP Entertainment, the agency of Stray Kids, expressed their excitement, stating, “We are completely caught off guard and feel as though we’re living in a dream. We are honored to be able to share positive news with our fans on countless occasions.”

The group’s members praised the unwavering support of their fandom ‘Stay’, saying, “We have been blessed with the backing of Stays as artists. We value our ability to be inspired and loved for the music we produce with care.”

The release of ‘Rockstar’ (-STAR) by Stray Kids marked their fourth consecutive year at the top of its respective prestigious tenth K-pop chart, making them the only group to reach this position in the genre.

The main single chart ‘Hot 100’ of Billboard was where their title track “LaLaLaga” entered at the 90th spot.

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