SHINee to deliver special 15th anniversary stage at Melon Music Awards 2023

Melon, the music platform owned by Kakao Entertainment, has revealed that SHINee will be showcasing their 15th debut anniversary celebration at MMA2023 (MELON MUSIC AWARDS).

SHINee members are putting in the hard work for both group and individual goals this year, and are now getting ready for an appearance at MMA2023, which promises an extraordinary stage like no other.

With great anticipation, SHINee is making another appearance in MMA2023, just one year after winning the ‘Artist of the Year’ award at the 2013 Melon Music Awards. For this special edition, they will be entertaining the audience with their unique personalities and 15-year-long storytelling journey that includes everything from opening day to the present day.

In 2013, SHINee performed all their hits on the same track, earning them top 10 hits and multiple awards. With this in mind: MMA2023 is set to highlight the band’s continued success not only with their fan base, but also with music lovers around the globe.

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