Korean netizens react to the news of Seunghan suspending RIIZE activities indefinitely

It was previously reported Seunghan from RIIZE would be suspended indefinitely.

After being embroiled in controversy over the leaked personal photos of him on the internet, Seunghan has decided to suspend his activities following talks with SM Entertainment.

Following the public announcement by SM Entertainment, netizens from Korea took to the internet to voice their concerns about the situation on an official forum.

“The person who propagated it, whether truth or omission, was so mean that it made me feel uneasy.”

“The individual who leaked the photos should be held accountable for their actions, and they must be treated with extreme care without any agreement until the end. Is it possible that he did so due to his friend’s well-being being affected?”

“What is the meaning of this indefinite suspension? If not, is it merely keeping them until the lawsuit’s conclusion?”

“They made a big deal out of something that wasn’t illegal, and in the end, they forced him to leave. Idol fans are on high alert.”

“The issues surrounding male idols and their large female fan base require serious attention. How can they generate revenue and become fans after being aware of this?”

“I’m not a fan, so I haven’t made up my mind. However, the most intriguing part of this is that it appears the person who was leaking the photos may be interacting with someone close to him, even though they were secretive. It seems like he kept his posts, recorded their content, and finally released them after reuniting. This gives me great suspicion about the existence of people like that in my immediate surroundings.”

“It is advisable to exit for the betterment of the group and other individuals.”

“He’s effectively pulling back when he’d like to stay indefinitely.”

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