Fans shed tears with Girl’s Day members after seeing the emotional wedding reunion photos

Sojin, a participant in Girl’s Day, married actor Lee Dong Ha on November 18.

Following the wedding, Hyeri, Minah, and Yura from Girl’s Day shared their heartfelt messages of love and congratulations to Sojin on social media. They also posted pictures of the beautiful moments shared between the bride and her groupmates, which were later spread across various online communities.

Fans were moved to tears when they saw the four members in a photo, with their eyes red and visibly emotional.

According to a fan who posted the photos, “The younger members are crying with teary eyes. Why am I also crying? Their eyes are so puffy. It’s like I’m starting to cry too.”

A number of fans joined the popular online communities where the pictures were posted and left comments, including:

“Hyeri’s congratulatory message caused her to shed tears, I wish Sojin had a good life.” “Yura was dressed in that way and didn’t even appear with anyone else. LOL.”

“I was under the impression that Hyeri had a small countenance, but I must confess, it’s really tiny.”

“I’m pleased to hear that they continue to have a strong bond and remain close.”

“Looking back at Girl’s Day from a decade ago is something I miss…”

“Upon seeing Yura’s attire, I was like ‘oh no,’ and thought to myself, yum!'”

Dream T Entertainment created Girl’s Day in 2010, which has undergone multiple lineup changes since then. Their most well-known members include Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri. They gained popularity for their songs “Expectation” and “Something,” known for the sultry and confident image they have portrayed. Additionally, they are multifaceted and popular in the South Korean entertainment industry due to their acting and variety shows.

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