Comparing the total number of songs released by idol groups from different labels

The world of K-pop is a melting pot of music and performances, with idol groups being the primary source of global popularity.

The top idol groups in South Korea have been established by four major entertainment labels, namely SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment (which launched the sport in 2003), HYBE (Commerce and Internet Services) and YG Entertainment. Each of these label contributes to the growth and evolution of K-pop through their cultivation of talented artists.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this is the sheer volume of music produced by these bands under one label, which sets them apart from other K-pop entities.

According to a K-pop fan, how many K-1 tracks have been released by the artists of all the major music labels? The person who wrote the post stated that the list only includes the Korean songs and not the Japanese and English ones.

TVXQ and Super Junior have a total of 132 and 196 songs, respectively, according to SM Entertainment.

The album contains 112 songs categorized as Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and NCT.

K-netizens expressed their disappointment with YG artists, noting that Big Bang has fewer songs than 4th generation idols.

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