BREAKING RIIZE’s Seunghan to suspend activities indefinitely in response to controversy

Due to recent controversy surrounding his personal life, Seunghan has been suspended from RIIZE activities, as announced by KST,SM Entertainment on November 22.

SM Entertainment unveiled RIIZE in September. However, Seunghan’s debut was marred by controversy due to the leaked photos and videos from his trainee days, including pictures of him smoking on the streets of Japan and making video calls with other singers.

The agency expressed deep regret and acknowledged the disappointment and confusion caused by Seunghan’s personal life. He felt a sense of responsibility and ultimately chose to suspend his activities after considering all options.

From November 22, RIIZE will have a team of 6 members, except for Seunghan. The agency acknowledged the responsibility of being negligent in handling our artists before their debut and expressed regret towards their fans.

However, they announced that they would be taking legal action over the distribution of Seunghan’s private videos and photos. The agency stated that the materials were intentionally duplicated to create confusion and deliberated secondary editing. They also confirmed that a significant amount of evidence had been amassed and that it was determined who distributed the information without authorization. A complaint will be made to the local police station.

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