G-Dragon clears drug hair follicle test as results come back negative, awaits fingernail evidence outcome

The drug hair follicle test of G-Dragon from Big Bang has been negative.

G-Dragon was reported to have a negative result on his hair follicle test by Hankook Ilbo on November 19. The idol also collected urine, hair, and nail samples from the police station on December 6th. The rapid urine screening also came back negative.

G-Dragon’s fingernail samples are currently under scrutiny by the police.

G-Dragon previously shared with Yonhap News that the outcome should be negative, as he has never used drugs and has not given them to anyone. If it’s detected in my body, it would be even more bizarre.

The National Forensic Service has confirmed that Lee Sun Gyun’s leg hair follicle test yielded “inconclusive results” due to insufficient sample weight, according to related news.

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