Former friend exposes RIIZE Seunghan’s pre-debut behavior, alleging bad-mouthing and forced hierarchical dominance over other trainees

More details have been provided by a former friend of RIIZE’s Seunghan, who claimed to have seen more of the idol before his debut.

A netizen posted a sequence of screenshots from Instagram Stories on an online forum, apparently shared by ‘a non celebrity user who claims to have known Seunghan since his pre-debut days.’ The posts reveal that SeUNGHAN not only used the platform to dominate fellow idol trainees at SM Entertainment and his former agency but also engaged in frequent bouts of badmouthing during Instagram Live sessions.

The entire article contains the statement:

“As mutual friends, I developed a friendship with Hong Seunghan and we spent time together. When he revealed that despite being an idol trainee, his reputation had been raised in the face of society. His profanity was also renowned. I wondered if there were such people who were just players trying to please him.

As a trainee, he would smoke or drink in public and participate in Instagram Lives. When asked if it was appropriate to show his face, I’d say that the company wouldn’t be aware because it had too many private accounts.

He bragged about seeing female trainees and trying to exert control over them, but when people were worried about him, he talked behind the debutant’s back as if it was low-key. I don’t know who recorded the Instagram Live that was posted or who shared them; I am uncertain what they said in the video.

Despite saying things like ‘you’re cute’ to others, he mostly spoke to those who were not as important to him. His former friends have also cut ties with him for playing his small game of hierarchy. He would tell people that if something wasn’t right, they could inform the company instead.

I’m not entirely sure, but he did say something. Here are some of the things we used to talk about:

He discussed his secretly following female trainees from other companies on Instagram and how he used this platform to avoid detection.

He claimed that he was on the verge of getting into trouble when a fellow trainee named ‘A’ commented on his cigarette odor during practice. (He mentioned the name, but I don’t remember exactly, because they were all set to start working together.)

After promising to introduce a female trainee from another agency, Seunghan accused the fellow trainee of acting like ‘teacher’ when she declined and tried to joke around.

He spoke extensively about the other students preparing to start their training. I only listed things that I can remember clearly, and my goal is not to fabricate stories about things I don’t recall. By the way, Hong Seunghan may be foreign-born, but his friends who caught up with him sent me GIFs saying he was an INFP. Make it more plausible by creating a public image.

My decision to end my relationship with him due to his actions has raised concerns about potential legal consequences. However, there are no allegations of defamation, and I’m afraid that the company will tolerate it if I post this message.

The poster who posted the story also shared a message in which they expressed their disappointment that they had been waiting for bias’s debut for 2 years and were unable to handle it due to the negative rumors that could potentially harm RIIZE’S standing.

Netizens left comments, including:.

lolololing>>Thought this to be a true rumor in all honesty and disbelief;[/url]

“The most appropriate course of action for SM is to have him exit the group, which would provide more space for other members to lend their support. I worry that the company would be negatively impacted by his departure, given how it has affected his public image.”

It’s too early to assume that these cases will be proven or disproven, and we have no way of knowing if this friend is genuine.

“As a result of the exodus, LE SSERAFIM gained more ground than before, so what would be the most suitable solution for RIZZE?”

What is your perspective?

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