Crush says his song ‘Ego’ was inspired by thoughts of his girlfriend?

Crush’s endearing moment in a recent broadcast, where he was hinting at his girlfriend, was witnessed by Netizens.

A recent buzz surrounding netizens was brought to light by a touching moment in the episode ‘Problem Child in House.’ It seems fans were keen to see how Crush promoted his song “Ego” during one of his guest appearances on the show, which has become an all-time favorite.

Song Eun Yi humorously interrogated the audience about the lyrics of the track, which portrays a love so deep that being separated from one’s partner is impossible.

The singer who is currently dating Joy from Red Velvet responded to Blushing, “It’s getting warmer in here.” Crush also stated that she sometimes thinks about someone special when asked if they remember him singing this song.

The Netizens’ responses included phrases like “Lol so cute,” “I just find them adorable,” and “He might be better off if he doesn’t mention it at all, but… well”

“It would be strange if he were more strict about showing his emotions and not just flirting with it,” she said.

The MV of “Ego” has been released, and I’d love to hear your opinion on it! Click here to view the trailer.

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