Xu Jinjiang: I “slept” with the female protagonist of the Fengyue movie all over, but I didn’t touch any leaves. Shu Qi: He is the best

What is the opening statement?

How did he transition from being born into a medical family to becoming an artist?

Did his movie fame lead to him falling in love in a dream, or did it happen through another means?

What is the reason behind his willingness to make obscene films while refusing to apologize for his wife’s behavior?

To gain insight into a legendary life from painting to acting, from fabled character to celebrity, it’s worth reading.

Teenagers from a medical background who are skilled in literature and art.

In Mudanjiang, a small town in Northeast China, on an autumn day in 1961, the laughter and laughter of locals were interrupted by the cry of Xu Jinjian, born to obstetricians and women.

Initially, my parents were hopeful that Xu Jinjiang would inherit his family business and pursue medicine. However, this young man is filled with endless passion for painting. He not only inherited the kind-heartedness of family medicine to save lives and heal injuries, but also exhibited an unwavering commitment to finding beauty.

He was fortunate to encounter Guan Shanyue, the master of traditional Chinese painting, whom he could revere as his instructor. He taught him how to create character portraits and enhance characters by practicing pattern and linework. Xu Jinjiang soon became a proud student of the teacher, as they rose from the blue and transcended boundaries.

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