Xiao S and the male star perform intimate scenes, and her mother-in-law praises her for her talent. Her father-in-law is satisfied with watching it and even considers it a private video

It has been a long time coming for Little S to film again, and this time it’s about him challenging male star Wu Kangren to get intimate with him. After the broadcast, my husband Xu Yajun had already agreed without any hesitation. My mother-in-law was impressed by her performance, while father- in law watched it and treated it as if it were hollywood or martial arts. What do you think?

What was the outcome of Xiao S’s performance in the challenge?

When Little S is introduced, everyone assumes she is the hostess and few have assumed she also wants to be an actor—in reality speaking at least, Xiao S did return from hiatus and film a TV drama called ‘At this moment’ At present, society has over 10 different types of love stories (such as heterosexual and homosexual love), and the love relationship group shows differing views of both.

Wu Kangren and Xiao S were close friends this time around. Although their love for each other was not the most romantic or controversial in the play, they were open to sharing their feelings and worked hard to make it happen. Da S also made a joke about saying “I am going to die soon.”

Is it true that all members of Xiao S’s family watched her perform?

To film intimate scenes, Xiao S must obtain the approval of her husband xu Yajun, who is open-minded. Her mother-in-law also agreed and called her quite skilled. It can be seen that everyone in their family is very open to new ideas.

It was unexpected for Xiao S to receive such an impressive response from his father-in-law. Grandpa, with his thumbs up, even commented that Little S thought it would be awkward, but my father insisted that it became a private film of his own father and acknowledged the humor in their reaction.

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