The selection of aespa’s Karina as the model for ‘Krush’ beer reignites debate over alcohol ads featuring individuals under the age of 24

The selection of a popular idol in their early 20s, who holds significant sway over teenagers and is now the spokesperson for Lotte Chilsung’s new beer ‘KRUSH’ has reignited discussions about using young idols in alcohol advertisements. This has been fueled by concerns about underage drinking among youngsters in beverage industry circles. Furthermore, there is also an active debate in parliament regarding possible legislative measures to tackle this issue.

The proposed legislation aimed to increase the age requirement for alcohol ads to 24 years. However, the proposal was met with opposition due to its potential violation of the constitutional right to freedom of occupational choice. As a result, it has been pending in parliament for several months and has had an impact on the National Health Promotion Act.

Despite the fact that individuals over the age of 19 are allowed to appear in alcohol commercials, the industry has voluntarily implemented more stringent regulations. To prevent any potential influence on teenagers and ensure their safety, OB Beer and Hite Jinro have made it a practice to select models who are 24 or older for their alcohol marketing campaigns.

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