Netizens discuss whether the future of YG Entertainment looks uncertain with Ahyeon not joining Baby Monster’s debut

The upcoming Girl Group Baby Monster will feature a 6-member lineup without Ahyeon, according to YG Entertainment.

It was a stroke of luck for YG Entertainment as they were unable to add Ahyeon to the lineup for Baby Monster’s debut. The label explained that this decision was made with the best interests of the artist in mind, and they will not take any chances with him.

The announcement has stirred up another online discussion among Korean internet users, as they are now questioning the future of YG Entertainment without Ahyeon in attendance at Baby Monster’s debut.

The discussion started by a netizen, Nate Pann. He stated that BLACKPINK’s contract renewal is not clear, and the male idols are not performing well compared to YG’S earlier period. Baby Monster should be given this opportunity as it could potentially lead to their downfall.

Several netizens commented: “It isn’t just about Ahyeon, it’s also about YG looking incompetent (they lost a key Korean member in the group launch process) and already missed the opportunity to succeed with BLACKPINK. It’ll be tougher for them because they will never make it to the top-tier group.”

What is your opinion on this matter?

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