Is the Feng Shen drama group gathering again? Hou Wenyuan, Huang Xiyan, Xia Yu, Liu Le, and Chen Muchi, Yu Shi, are absent

The production team of ‘Fengshen’ has reunited at the StarS Asia International Film Festival dinner in Los Angeles. This year, Ulsan was joined by Hou Wenyuan, Huang Xiyan and Liu Le, who are all thrilled to see everyone back together! Fans were happy, but Chen Muchi and Yu Shi did not attend this time. I wish them well again next time!

Is the ‘Fengshen’ crew currently operating in the United States?

‘Fengshen’ is currently a top domestic fantasy film and can be considered incredibly heavy industry. Many viewers believe that Chinese films are developing too quickly, particularly due to the exceptional performances of their actors. Wuershan also praised Chen Muchi, Yu Shi, Hou Wenyuan, and other young actors for their training skills.

The movie has three parts, and two more are in the works after the first one was made available. To promote the film, Ulsan traveled to the United States with the crew. This time they are attending the StarS Asia International Film Festival dinner in Los Angeles!

The reunion of Director Ulsan, Xia Yu, Hou Wenyuan and another member of the Proton Team, Huang Yingxu, and Liu Le has been ongoing for several years now. When you see the members together, everyone is naturally thrilled.

What are the activities of Chen Muchi and Yu Shi like?

Chen Muchi was the center of attention during this period due to Wu Chuyi’s revelations. However, this matter is extremely intricate and cannot be adequately described in a few words. According to him, he did not overpromise it and instead stated that it was done so popularly. How can these individuals come together in the future? Don’t stand in straight line; just stay put.

Yu Shi has been working frantically and facing the challenge of becoming famous overnight. He admitted to being under some pressure and learning how to cope, with the intention of inspiring positivity in others. Although he has shot many fashion photo blockbusters, despite his acting abilities, it is still not an unusual pursuit. His mental outlook is truly positive after his success.

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