EXCLUSIVE [INTERVIEW] Weeekly talks awaited comeback album ‘ColoRise,’ ‘Queendom Puzzle,’ and their hopes to establish their own genre and identity

IST Entertainment signed Weeekly, a six-member girl group that premiered in June 2020. They are currently in their third year in the K-pop industry and continue to explore their own identities and colors.

With the release of ‘ColoRise,’ the album includes the retro-themed title song “VROOM VROOM” and the accompanying sidetracks “ODYSSEY,” “Backwards,” “Sweet Dream,” [A+] and “RUBY-DUBy-dub.”

Allkpop expresses their gratitude in a Shout-Out video from Weeekly.

Allkpop, welcome back everyone! We’re so excited to announce you’ve been back with another mini-album in about a week. Do you feel pressured to make something new and popular again?

Soojin: Hi there! Gracias for congratulating us on our comeback. We had a bit of grueling moments during our break, but it was definitely exciting to see fans back in person after so many years.

Jaehee: Getting back after being out for so long is quite a challenge. We’ve put in oodles of effort to prepare ourselves, and I can’t help but think about meeting Daileees.

How did you prepare for ‘ColoRise’ in terms of your overall approach to music preparation, including the recording process and music video?

Upon our return from hiatus, Zoa has made an effort to showcase the best aspects of our album and explore different genres.

The hiatus was lengthy on Monday, and I felt powerless. Nevertheless, it gave me the opportunity to take more risks with this album. Although my schedule was busy, I found great excitement during the preparation process. It reminded me of our early days, as I handled a lot of the backing vocals for my members. This allowed me to listen more closely and learn about our members’ voices for the chorus.

What were your activities during your hiatus with allkpop? Did you find time to relax, practice, or improve your skills? Was your break productive in any way?

Soeun: We took a little time off to showcase ‘an improved version of ourselves’ By spending lots of time practicing and taking lessons, we were also able to fill the gaps that we didn’t cover. It was also an opportunity for us to thank our Daileees who have been working hard on this album.

Jihan: We were part of a TV show called ‘Queendom Puzzle’ which had various happy endings and lots of experiences. We practiced hard while keeping our Dailees in mind!

In what ways do your five mini-albums for allkpop differ from their previous releases?

Soojin: To showcase Weeekly’s growth, we delved into the songs and genres to create an enjoyable listening experience.

I think we’ve never had such a broad range of music genres on one album, and having the unit song for the first time since our debut made the preparation process so enjoyable! We’re excited to showcase another season of Weeekly this week!

Could you elaborate on the concept of ‘ColoRise’ in relation to colors and their potential influence on Weeekly?

The theme of ‘ColoRise’ on Monday reflects our goal of showcasing the diverse colors of Weeekly. Our six tracks in this album display different colors, particularly with the unit songs that were added.

The album ‘ColoRise’ by Jaehee expresses our desire to highlight the various shades of Weeekly.

Which song from the album do you think reflects your personality and maybe even makes you feel like “This is my brand of stuff”?

Soojin, I have a great fondness for all the songs on this site, but “Sweet Dream” strikes me as having the perfect dreamy vibe that I’ve been seeking in my life!

My choice of three songs on Monday is based on my personality, with the title track “VROOM VROOM” and the B-sides “Backwards” being more representative. I chose those three tracks because they capture different aspects of me.

I think they all fit together. (Laughs) Just kidding! The song “Backwards” is my absolute favorite, but I was a bit nervous because of its style. Now that I’ve heard the recorded version, it fits me so perfectly and I feel like I belong there too.

Jaehee: I love “RUBY-DUBy-du” because it’s a lovely song with nuances of warmth that perfectly suits my voice. It also goes down in my head to have the type of music that represents me so well.

“A+,” the unit song I was a part of, and the song “RUBY-DUBy-du” both seem to match my singing voice.” –Jihan: Thanks for sharing!

Zoa: I think everyone is a fan of the songs, but I’d still choose the unit song “Sweet Dream” to represent what I learned from the older sisters during my preparation.

Despite releasing your first album for 2023, you have been busy putting out other songs as well. You also participated in the survival show ‘Queendom Puzzle’ and worked on “Good Day (Special Daileee)”, how was your experience? Did you gain any new knowledge or experiences while working on the show?

Jihan expressed that participating in the TV show ‘Queendom Puzzle’ was an incredible experience, as we got to meet and perform with esteemed seniors and fellow artists. We were able to learn a lot and continue to support each other even afterward.

The older sisters who joined us on the survival show made it a great opportunity for us to learn and grow, which left us feeling nervous at first.

Soojin: I think it’s really worth it.’ Being in ‘Queendom Puzzle’ was a great way to build things out from the ground up – working with so many talented musicians, including seniors, juniors and fellow artists – but this particular aspect of ensemble work taught us invaluable lessons about teamwork and performance.

Through ‘Queendom Puzzle,’ I formed valuable relationships and continue to support each other, which allowed me to discover new aspects of myself through the various stages of preparation.

I’m curious to know what you enjoy the most in your personal and professional life as an allkpop artist.

Despite becoming an adult, I feel like I haven’t accomplished much yet. I was content to replace my debit card with the one I wanted. Although I’m not entirely satisfied, Jihan is determined to improve and become a better singer.

Jaehee’s personal growth spurred the confidence to feel more confident and impressive. She revealed that since becoming an adult, she has felt a sense of accomplishment in her physical appearance.

Is it possible that you have already established a genre that fans of K-Pop will recognize when they hear your song?

Jihan thinks that we are still in the process of discovering our own shades! It’s delightful to hear about us gradually reaching this stage.

According to Zoa, Weeekly excels in genres that emphasize chemistry! We’ll work towards creating a unique genre for the platform in the future!

What is the collective agenda of Weeekly before their performances?

Soojin: Before going on stage, there is a chant that goes, “We can do it!”

As we wrap up this interview, what is one of your favorite songs at the moment and what would be a personal or musical goal for you to achieve in the coming year?

Currently, I am loving every song from the fifth mini-album of Weeekly and plan to have a meet-up with our Dailee friends. My personal goal is to learn and improve my English language skills.

Firstly, I am excited to do this interview with you on Monday! “VROOM VROOM” by Weeekly is my favorite song these days and I highly recommend it due to the comfortable weather. I want to thank all our fans for coming out of nowhere and also appreciate your continued support.

The song “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” by Johanna is my favorite, and I always like to listen to it before bedtime. I also recommend it for those nights when I can’t sleep.

“At that moment” by WSG Wannabe has captured my heart, and I’m excited for the upcoming year.

Jihan: I’d like to participate in various activities to meet Daileees face-to-face, just as you have been waiting for Weeekly’s return!

My first priority is to receive a lot of love for our Weeekly album. I also want to meet our fans in different ways over the next year. Additionally, I plan to become an adult in the coming year and showcase my full potential by presenting myself more fully!

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