Debut Delights: The Most-Viewed Debut MVs by Fourth-Generation Girl Groups

As the years went on, each generation of K-pop idols brought something different and exciting to the world stage. The fourth generation has seen an explosion in talent, creativity, and global appeal. One of the most important metrics for any band entering the digital age is the number of views their music videos get.

What are the five most-watched debut music videos by fourth-generation girl bands?

Can you provide directions to ITZY station in DALLLA DILLA (320M)?

ITZY made a splash in 2019 by dropping their debut single, “DALLA DALLAS.” The video quickly won over the hearts of K-pop fans across the globe and was viewed by more than 320 million YouTube users. It has now become the most-viewed debut music video by ONE group.

Aespa’s Black Mamba 256M is an example of this.

The fourth-generation girl group aespa, which also featured virtual AI avatars, achieved success in 2020 with their debut music video “Black Mamba,” which was the second most-viewed of its kind with over 256 million views.

The 208M broadcast of IVE is available in HD.

IVE’s “ELEVEN” has become a sensation in the K-pop world, earning 208 million streams and being the third most-viewed video of its kind. The music video is stunning, with powerful choreography and captivating vocals.

What is the distance between I-DLE and LATATA?

G)I-DLE’s “LATATA” marked the beginning of their emergence in K-pop, as it showcased a new and energetic sound that resonated with audiences around the world. It is the fourth-most-viewed debut video by aspiring female artists globally, garnering over 186 million views.

IZ*ONE’s La Vie en Rose (185M) is worth checking out.

“La Vie en Rose” by IZ*ONE is the final item on the list. The now-defunct project girl group formed through the survival show “Produce 48” has made an impact and amassed over 185 million views on YouTube. This video’s visual appeal earned it acclaim, contributing to their success and popularity.

These girl groups have exhibited an exceptional combination of talent, creativity, and global popularity. Which fourth-generation debut MV is your favorite?

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