BTS’s Jungkook warms hearts with his heartfelt tribute gift to fans

The fans of BTS are still enamored with the band’s music, both in terms of success and their genuine concern for their audience.

Jungkook recently paid tribute to his fans by giving them a heartfelt thank you gift.

When supporting music programs and other music events, the BTS members often choose sensible tribute gifts for fans. Recently, member V surprised many by gifting them a box of personalized cookies, which included various paw-shaped cookies and one resembling Taehyung’s beloved pet, Yeontan.

To celebrate the release of his debut solo album, ‘Golden’ perfumes have been introduced as an exclusive gift.

Jungkook’s fans who were present at his Mnet ‘MCountdown’ broadcast recording were gifted gifts that held an extra level of significance to the album release. This thoughtful gesture captured the heart of many of his fans, as they shared various photos and videos on social media.

The Netizens expressed their jealousy, admiration for Jungkook’s official status and desire for perfume to be released.

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