BLACKPINK’s Lisa makes her favorite Thai dish and discusses her hit song “Money” on Spotify’s Billions Club

The culinary prowess of Lisa from BLACKPINK was on full display during the latest episode of Spotify’s Billions Club, where she answered a few questions and discussed the success of her own song “Money,” which also helped propel her to join the music club.

Lisa is one of a number of well-known K-pop musicians to have crossed over 1 billion streams on Spotify, with her “Money” becoming the first female artist to achieve this milestone.

She also expressed in English, “I was immediately impressed by “Money” and instantly felt a sense of pride when I first entered the record room. It’s one of my all-time favorites,” and she shared her love for the song.

The Billions Club episode with Lisa is available for viewing below, as well as on Spotify’s Instagram account, TikTok, and YouTube channel.

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