Yoo Ah In strengthens legal team ahead of first trial, requests postponement of trial date

The actor Yoo Ah In, who is facing drug charges, is bolstering his defense team and has requested a postponement of the initial trial.

On November 12, a law firm filed’spont change the date’ motion with the legal community on behalf of Yoo Ah In, who has been indicted on charges related to Narcotics Control Act (habitual use), on November 10.

Additionally, Yoo Ah In has recruited a former judge to join his team. Furthermore, he has retained the services of Infinity Law Firm, as well as Dongjin Law firm and Haegwang Law Company. This brings the total number of lawyers for Yoon Ah in one person.

The initial trial of Yoo Ah-in was arranged to take place on November 14th at 10.40 AM in the Seoul Central District Court.

According to Cha Sang Woo, a lawyer from Infinity Law Firm who represents Yoo Ah In, the court has requested that the trial date be changed. They are waiting for this decision to be made.

On October 19, Yoo AhIn was indicted by the prosecution for habitual propofol use, illegal acquisition of prescription sleeping pills in the name of another person, marijuana smoking and distribution, and evidence tampering.

According to two articles, Yoo Ah In is being accused of using propofol 181 times between September 2020 and March last year while also illegally obtaining prescription sleeping pills in the name of another person from May 2021 to August last month.

Yoo Ah In reportedly refuted the allegations of drug use other than marijuana during the investigation. Stay tuned for further details on this case.

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