Real-life ‘Spider-Man’ breaks up tense situation between homeless person and public worker at Jamsil subway station

A public worker and a homeless person were confronted by ‘Spider-Man,’ dressed in civilian attire, at the Jamsil subway station in Seoul.

The intruder entered the fray shortly before an escalation of hostilities, around 9:10 PM KST on November 11. Seoul Metro reported that someone at work was trying to get a homeless person out of the station who was lying on the ground. As tensions deepened and the homeless man became aggressive, the ‘Spider-Man’ intervened to quell the incident.

Witnesses at the scene said that the man wearing a Spider-Man costume kept quiet until police arrived, after which he quickly ‘disappeared’.

On the next day, a video emerged of the covert-looking man known as ‘Spider-Man’ appearing on social media and answering questions and comments about his behavior.

When questioned about his costume and leftover from a recent Halloween festival,’slash_0_’ replied that he never went to holly fest (my favorite place in the world) but instead opts to visit Jamsil where children gather so I can take pictures and make them happy. The actual day of Halloween though, they actually decided to stay home!

The masked ‘Spider-Man’ was commended by the locals for his prompt action. He recounted that another eyewitness initially brought him to the scene. The other citizen called the police, but he had tried to maintain tranquility and waited for approximately 10 minutes until the arrival of the officers.

The support was so valuable that he wrote: “I almost shrugged off the fact that I should have been there, but when others agreed, it didn’t matter. My mind just went blank.”

Netizens filled the comments section with more praise and anecdotes about the ‘Spider-Man’ who truly embodied the superhero’s traits. A netiz member also commented on his flawless head shape and body, which made him a perfect choice for the Spider-man costume.

Further responses include:

“He’s a true Spider-Man, and his mentality is commendable.

His work and caring nature for the children has inspired me to be like Spider-Man, as I find comfort in his flawless elastic suit.

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