Netizen Sanda Brother Shouts to Zhao Benshan’s Daughter: Apologize to me within 12 hours, otherwise it will be exposed!

In the past few days, the dispute between Sanda Brother and Zhao Benshan’s daughter Qiqiu has escalated into a heated exchange. QIu Qiva testified during the live stream that Sandy Ge had been harassing him on multiple occasions, but Sandajig Ge denied this statement. Faced with repercussions from the public eye, Sandamiu asks QIQIU to apologize within 12 hours or risk damaging the WeChat chat records shared by the two parties.

The reason for this is that Sanda Brother invited Qiqiu to participate in the live streaming sales activity of Double Ten One. However, there was no agreement reached during the WeChat conversation between him and Qieni Uchida. Afterward, QIQU claimed that his harasser had repeatedly left him on the air, and his words were filled with dissatisfaction. But according to Sandatah, he only had one WeWeChad voice communication with QIuqou.

Following the announcement, a large number of fans turned up at Sanda Brother’s live broadcast room and cursed him. To demonstrate his innocence, Sandaji posted chat records on social media sites, hoping that Qiuqius was not lying about what he had said. He also mentioned that the event became popular online, leading to tens of thousands of live streaming viewers.

Previously, Sanda Ge was an innovator in internet platforms and has since been active in the short video industry. His exceptional planning abilities and collaboration with other internet stars have helped him gain popularity quickly. Meanwhile, his father Zhao Benshan played a key role in helping him become incredibly popular online. The partnership started as early as the ball network’s rise.

Numerous individuals on the internet believe that the dispute between them is a deliberate hoax. However, whether it’s true or not, this matter has gained significant attention on social media. Many people are watching the next episode and also sharing their concerns about the authenticity of online conflict.

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