GreatGuys release statement of apology for ‘Record of Youth’ world tour cancellation due to visa issues

DNA Entertainment issued an apology to the fans for the disappointment caused by the cancellation of GreatGuys’ world tour, which was scheduled to take place from November 12 to 19.

The CEO of the agency, Lee Jae Sung, has issued an apology to fans who have been eagerly anticipating the world tour and is actively seeking a refund. He also calls on ONK Entertainment, the tour organizer, to process refunds promptly, while DNA Entertainment has promised to inform fans within 2 to 3 days for any refund requests.

Furthermore, it has been reported that a number of their employees have already arrived in Denver and are unable to return due to unspecified issues.

A statement of apology that is full and complete states:

The world tour was cancelled by GreatGuys due to their absence of Visa to enter US territories, as previously reported. Read more about it in a more comprehensive article here.

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