Faker’s high-speed gameplay with rapid screen-switching amazes and dizzies fans

The netizens have been captivated by Faker’s screen-swifting abilities during games.

On an internet forum, netizens discussed the e-gamer’s impressive speed when switching screens during League of Legends. The GIFs displayed Faker during a real game, constantly switching between screens to see his opponents’ spells and items, and to infer the location of the area.

The original GIF uploader clarified that the current version is not fast-paced and that he avoids switching screens during live streaming to prevent nausea, but his gameplay is consistent with this practice.

Faker’s style was shared among the commentators, who were unable to accept his eyes and claimed that he had a bad wrist.

Further responses include:

“I can’t see anything because of the way he sees it while making decisions and strategizing…”

What is your perspective?

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