The updated list of K-Pop idols with the most songs copyright registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association

As of November 8 KST, the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) has updated its list of K-Pop idols with the most copyrighted songs.

Those K-Pop idols with over 100 songs registered with KOMCA are the only ones included in the newly updated list:

There are 238 songs sung by Ravi (-).

RM (BTS) had 218 songs in total.

DAY6’s Young K performed 175 songs.

The total number of songs for G-Dragon (Big Bang) is 175.

The number of songs recorded by Zico (Block B) is 171.

The album SUGA (BTS) has 169 songs.

Bang Chan (Stray Kids) has 168 songs and is available in 6 different versions.

The total number of songs by Yong Junhyung is 168.

Jooheon (MONSTA X) has 164 songs and is available in 7 versions.

With 156 songs completed, Woozi (Seventeen) is the biggest chart-topping song in its entirety.

The total count of songs by Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P) is 146.

The album Changbin (Stray Kids) has 143 songs in total.

Han (Stray Kids) has completed 140 songs in a time-honored setting.

The BTS album has a total of 138 songs.

Monsta X’s I.M album had 136 songs in total.

Minhyuk (BTOB) achieved 133 songs in its 14-year career.

Jay B (GOT7) has sung 131 songs and is currently the artist of choice.

Song Min Ho emerged as the victor with a total of 16 wins and 128 songs.

A total of 127 songs were recorded for the album Yonghwa (CNBLUE).

The total number of songs in Moon Byul (MAMAMOO) is 117.

Junho (2PM) features 115 songs.

Bobby (iKON) has a total of 115 songs to sing.

The duration of Wonpil (DAY6) was 114 songs.

In ATEEZ’s 21 Hongjoong collection, there are 112 songs.

The number of songs in the chart was 109, which is 22.

Jung Ilhoon (-) has a total of 103 songs.

There were 103 songs in 24-Jun.K (2PM).

Credits given by composers and lyricists are included in the copyright registrations listed above.

Which K-Pop idols do you think will be featured in this list?

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