Photos of Zhongni’s death scene exposed! Karina collapses in the face of her husband’s body, causing him to cramp and the woman to rescue her

Zhongni, the spouse of Karina, a well-known Coser internet celebrity, has been in the news for his death. According to reports, they were on ice while vacationing together in Bali, which coincided with her birthday. They were reportedly swimming when they encountered huge waves. Many people on the beach were busy trying to save themselves, as Karine and Zhou were also in danger. The confirmed news is that the woman was rescued and the man has died.

Upon the release of news reports, the identities of both individuals were soon identified, leading to contentious exchanges among friends and family, which confirmed this news. A local netizen later posted an article and shared photos of Karina after her rescue, verifying that Zhongni had died, while also revealing images of the location.

The photo depicts Karina in a bathrobe, with her brows raised and staring at her phone.

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