Fans think BTS’s Jungkook will be performing at the newly built ‘TSX Stage’ in Times Square tomorrow

On the same night that Jungkook, a former BTS member who had just finished his impressive career on NBC’s ‘Today Show,’ he also declared that there would be another “special event in NYC” for his fans.

Some scavengers have given their opinion on what this “special event” may be.

A space has been removed from one of the giant billboards in Times Square, Twitter users have said, adding: ‘Calvin Klein’ advert with Jungkook on the way.

It appears to be the same spot where the newly inaugurated ‘TSX Stage’ is situated within an 18,000 square foot billboard installation in Times Square. Post Malone was the first performing artist to take part in the groundbreaking performance on this unique day, which took place at around 5:30 PM, and security personnel had already been patrolling the site for several hours.

The question that has been posed by the “special event in NYC” Jungkook announced is whether it will be another traffic stop and surprise show like the one below.

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