Dong Mingzhu and Meng Yutong were fired, stating that she was taking on private work in Gree and implying that her character was not good enough

At one point, Meng Yutong was the envy of her peers. While others were unemployed upon graduation, she was at the peak of herself. She had recently finished her studies and became the close secretary to Dong Mingzhu, the chairman of Gree. As a result, people outside China considered her as Donggun Zhiyang’s successor, and they believed that she would be able to turn Men Gong into Xin Quoc, just like he was.

Meng Yutong resigned from Gree after less than two years, but it was unexpected. Dong Mingzhu reported that she discovered that meng preferred live streaming over secretarial work. Two months before her departure, she uploaded almost 20 videos of creative ads on different video platforms, with ads promoting cosmetics, perfume, tablet computers, cars, etc., which have no connection to Greeks.

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